7 Common African Myths Debunked

Africa is a beautiful and great continent on paper. However, in reality, the narrative is completely different due to the negative perception many within and outside the continent have about Africa. These falsehoods, myths and perception, which have been peddled for decades are now believed to be true. In fact, very few people bother to
A major challenge that almost every tourist visiting an unfamiliar destination encounter is finding or locating a good restaurant to eat especially when hunger has already set in. *Take advantage of the internet* With the popularity of smartphones, you’re likely to have the Internet connection. Using your phone, you can search for places to eat,

Lagos Travel Hacks For The Newbie

The population of Lagos is growing as people stream into the state from different parts of Nigeria and the world. Hence, you will always find a newbie or a Johnny Just Come (JJC). The reason for this is that Lagos is the most commercially viable state in the country and this status comes with a
There is no doubt that Africa is endowed with infinite tourist destinations. As such, it won’t be difficult to find destinations to visit in the continent. This is same for those who want to go on a safari. Tourists get to experience and observe the sights and sounds of animals in their untapped and natural
Being comfortable on your business or leisure travel is essential even though it may not be 100%. A way to guarantee some degree of comfort is the use of tech accessories. The fact is forgetting these travel tech accessories can ruin your trip. So, these tech accessories are kind of compulsory, especially for young travelers.
In the past, travelling individually, with friends or family members is usually a logistical mess. It comes with a lot of challenges that discourage quite a number of people from travelling. Fast-forward to today and with the intensity technology has been embraced in the travel industry, Nigerians can now travel with little or no logistical
When you arrive at your destination, you may be too tired to unpack. You just want to freshen up and sleep. Meanwhile, your luggage and souvenirs are just laying around waiting to be unpacked. This will simply make your hotel room appear dishevelled and disorganised. If you do not want this to be the case,