The normal practice is to plug your phone into any available socket to charge your phone. But, what happens when your battery is flat and you are not in a position to charge it? Well, you have to wait until you get a place to charge. This should not be the case as there are
Snapchat may have introduced stories but it was actually made popular after it was 'copied' by Facebook's Instagram. Today, Instagram Stories feature is now used by over 200 million people daily. Hence, it will not be out of place to say that you need to up your Instagram Story game if you use Instagram. These
Since Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 for 22 billion dollars, it has significantly transformed the way we communicate and our lives. As such, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares ways the messaging app has changed our lives, everyday interaction and engagement. *Chatting with friends cost little or nothing* With WhatsApp, you can chat

7 Common African Myths Debunked

Africa is a beautiful and great continent on paper. However, in reality, the narrative is completely different due to the negative perception many within and outside the continent have about Africa. These falsehoods, myths and perception, which have been peddled for decades are now believed to be true. In fact, very few people bother to
A major challenge that almost every tourist visiting an unfamiliar destination encounter is finding or locating a good restaurant to eat especially when hunger has already set in. *Take advantage of the internet* With the popularity of smartphones, you’re likely to have the Internet connection. Using your phone, you can search for places to eat,

6 Ways To Minimise Startup Risks

If you are the owner of a startup, you are definitely a risk-taker. The danger here is that you may become comfortable with taking a risk that you can sometimes ignore smart and simple ways to minimise the impact of any potential failure. Applying this will lessen the chances of your business failing. *Diversify your

5 Easy Ways To Spot A Fake Smartphone

A major problem that many top phone manufacturers are encountering is the cloning of their brands. This trend continues despite the painstaking efforts to make cloning difficult. Despite this, the counterfeiters are having a field day faking these brands and it has made it hard for users to differentiate between counterfeit and original phones. Jumia

Lagos Travel Hacks For The Newbie

The population of Lagos is growing as people stream into the state from different parts of Nigeria and the world. Hence, you will always find a newbie or a Johnny Just Come (JJC). The reason for this is that Lagos is the most commercially viable state in the country and this status comes with a
There is no doubt that Africa is endowed with infinite tourist destinations. As such, it won’t be difficult to find destinations to visit in the continent. This is same for those who want to go on a safari. Tourists get to experience and observe the sights and sounds of animals in their untapped and natural
With almost everyone relying on the internet to perform tasks, there is barely anything like privacy. All your personal information are readily available to everyone by simply googling your name. However, you can control the information others have access to online thereby guaranteeing your online privacy by taking certain steps. *Password all your devices* Protect