7 Common African Myths Debunked

by / Wednesday, 06 September 2017 / Published in Travel
Africa is a beautiful and great continent on paper. However, in reality,
the narrative is completely different due to the negative perception many
within and outside the continent have about Africa. These falsehoods, myths
and perception, which have been peddled for decades are now believed to be
true. In fact, very few people bother to check the veracity of some of the
things said about the continent. It is even worse these days since we are
in the era of fake news. As such, E.commerce Systems, the leading Web design
agency, shares widely erroneous beliefs about Africa.

*Referring to Africa as a country*

This is one of the popular myths about the continent. When an event happens
in Congo or Kenya, it is reported as if it occurred in the whole continent
that is affected. Africa has regions (South Africa, West Africa, East
Africa and Central Africa) as well as countries. So, Africa is not one

*Africa is unsafe for tourism*

From the Masai Mara park in Kenya to the Yankari Games Reserve in Nigeria
and the beautiful beaches of Cape Verde and Zanzibar, tourists visits in
their numbers. Hence, saying Africa is unsafe for tourism is untrue. Africa
is a lovely paradise, so come visit.

*Africa is a disease-ridden continent*

Well, it may be difficult to convince someone about this myth following the
outbreak of Ebola which killed scores in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia
last year. Regardless, Africa is not a diseased ridden continent as widely

*Africans live in a mud hut without electricity *

You will be shocked that certain people still believe that Africans live in
mud houses without electricity, on trees and that the people are not
civilised. Well, Africa is a cosmopolitan continent.

*Africa is technologically challenged*

Some African countries have limited access to technology, which is not
unusual. At the same time, there are few countries that are technologically
savvy. But every country has people who are innovative and creative. Africa
is no different. It is, therefore, noteworthy; to say that there is now a
steady increase in internet and mobile penetration, tech firms and
businesses see Africa as a viable investment destination and tech hubs are
emerging in different parts of the continent. Hence, Africa a growing tech

*Africa is a dangerous place*

Africa is not a war zone. Although there are pockets of violence in some
regions, it is not enough to declare Africa as a dangerous place.

*Africa is poor*

You must have heard this quote that an average African lives on less than a
dollar a day. Today, in Nigerian naira, a dollar is worth between N350 and
N400. The fact is there is a growing middle class in Africa and they do not
survive on a dollar.


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