Six Tricks For Using Instagram Story Like A Pro

by / Tuesday, 12 September 2017 / Published in Mobile, Programming, Tech
Snapchat may have introduced stories but it was actually made popular after
it was 'copied' by Facebook's Instagram. Today, Instagram Stories feature
is now used by over 200 million people daily. Hence, it will not be out of
place to say that you need to up your Instagram Story game if you use
Instagram. These tricks discussed by Jumia Travel, the leading online
travel agency should help.

*Use your phone’s camera to take pictures*

Do not use your Instagram app to take photos and videos because the app has
a lower resolution than your camera. Besides this, the app limits your
pictures and videos editing options.

*The length of your video should be between 5 and 10 seconds *

Your video should not be less than five seconds or more than 10 seconds.
The shorter the better as this would encourage your followers to actually
watch or look at your Stories.

*Alternate between different media to keep Stories interesting*

When you are putting together your Stories, a good way to keep it
interesting is to alternate between different types of media. Keeping your
Stories all pictures or all videos can make it boring. You can start with a
video, then add some still photos and Boomerangs.

*Keep your text short and simple*

Make text that explains your Stories short, simple and straight to the
point. These internet days, users have short attention span and may
overlook your text if it is too long.

*Crop photos with phone’s edit feature*

You are most likely to crop your pictures with your Instagram app while
uploading it. Instead, crop the pictures before uploading them so that you
can select from the wide range of editing features offered by your phone.

*Place your font and smileys smartly*

Don’t place anything including your font and smileys too high or too low
because it will get cut off by the logos in Instagram’s playback.


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