5 Easy Ways To Spot A Fake Smartphone

by / Wednesday, 30 August 2017 / Published in Mobile
A major problem that many top phone manufacturers are encountering is the
cloning of their brands. This trend continues despite the painstaking
efforts to make cloning difficult. Despite this, the counterfeiters are
having a field day faking these brands and it has made it hard for users to
differentiate between counterfeit and original phones. Jumia Travel, the
leading online travel agency, shares tips for identifying a fake device.


Manufacturers of counterfeit products are sometimes careless with
packaging. Phone makers will always take care of the smallest details
of design and packaging of their own goods. So, take a close look at the
package, paying attention to the print quality ensuring consistency. In
addition, ensure nothing should be loose inside.

*Look at the wires and plugs*

The quality of the wire is an important sign of a counterfeit product. If
it is original, a plugged-in cable will sit firmly and evenly, while
in a fake, you will see loose parts.

*Check the user manual*

The user manual is one of the easiest ways to identify a fake gadget. Every
relevant information about the device must be there in the language of the
country of purchase. If it’s written in some other language and you cannot
read it, then it is a cloned brand.

*Look at the fonts*

All fonts and symbols on the gadgets must be similar, readable and regular.
If this is not the case, it means the phone is fake or counterfeit.

*Pay attention to the material*

The material used for making a phone can either be high or low-quality.
Popular brands don’t cut back on materials. The plastic covering the phone
must be smooth, without any creases.


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